Behind the Eclipse - Souls of Totality Featurette


As filmmakers we're often asked, what was it like filming during a solar eclipse?

First of all the sheer magnitude of the event was staggering- there was a 360 degree sunset, coyotes were howling, birds went to roost, it was like being in another dimension. The production component was very nerve-racking since we only had one chance to get it right. There was quite a bit of technical complexity in photographing the eclipse with a huge change in the light, not to mention capturing Tatiana's incredibly moving (and literally moving) performance.

Souls director, Richard Raymond, shares some of the highlights and challenges of the experience in the featurette below which also features some exclusive never before seen footage!

Souls of Totality screened at maverick spirit award


We were thrilled to have Souls of Totality screened at the Cinequest Film Festival and our star, Tatiana Maslany, awarded their highest honor, The Maverick Spirit Award.

The good people from Stanford Daily, offered the following review of the event and the film:

Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany, Emmy Award-winning star of “Orphan Black” — which just ended its critically-acclaimed five-season run — was honored with the Maverick Spirit Award at the Cinequest Film and VR Festival last Thursday.
In an interview with Cinequest president and co-founder Kathleen Powell, Maslany describes “Orphan Black,” a science fiction series known for its collection of clones (all played by Maslany), as a fascinating experience with not a single genre — rather, the series is comprised of both surrealism of farce, filled with characters that twist reality. On playing so many characters, Maslany stated that she enjoyed playing Helena, one of the clones, because the character “loves food,” joking that Helena was also a “domesticated serial killer.”

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